Sharples ‘n’ Grant Donut Cat Bed


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The superbly stylish Donut Bed is great for cats and kittens to sleep or relax in. It’s elegant, curved shape creates a contemporary piece that will not look out of place in any home.

The shape also helps to create a warm nest style feel for felines, especially for the colder winter months, and comes complete with a removable cushion, which provides extra comfort whilst being easy to wash.

The design of this bed allows it to be built in no time with the use of small plastic stake like clips, which are unnoticeable when constructed. A superb and comfy addition to modern cat loving homes.

Size: 48.9cm x 46.3cm x 27cm

Colour: White

Brand:  Sharples and Grant

Additional information

Dimensions 49 × 46 × 27 cm


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