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Eticat natural cat litter has unbeatable odour controls, absorbs twice as much as wood and paper pellets making it more economical to use. One 5.5kg bag lasts a single cat up to 8 weeks*

This is a revolutionary natural cat litter made entirely from straw. It is odour free and has unbeatable absorbency making it kind to your pet and the environment providing a healthier life for you and your cat.

  • Fast absorption that can double its volume in ten minutes helps stop ammonia smells.
  • The straw material doesn’t stick to litter trays, making it easier to clean out.
  • Stays dry longer, absorbs four times its weight in total which means less litter per tray needs to be used and less frequent changes are required.
  • Made from annually renewable and sustainable resource with faster bio-degration.
  • No additives and is dust extracted
  • 100% Eco Friendly

Bag size: 5.5kg

Brand: Eticat by Smartbedz


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