Classic Large Double Sided Brush


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Regular grooming is very important. It keeps your pet clean, healthy, and manageable, as well as preventing yeast infections caused by matted hair, periodontal disease caused by uncared for teeth, ear infections from excessive buildup of wax, dirt and bacteria, etc.

Ball pins ease through knots & tangles. Nylon bristles distribute natural oils through the coat.

Regular grooming provides benefits beyond improving the look of your pets’ coat. It removes loose hair, reduces tangles, assists blood circulation as well as helping spread body oils across the coat. Importantly it allows you to spend that extra time with your pet, to check its general condition and help build a stronger bond.

Guide for use – Always brush in the direction of the hair growth using smooth, gentle strokes. Begin with the pin brush, which will penetrate the thick undercoat, followed by the bristle side for the ‘polishing’ effect which will leave the coat smooth and shiny.

Repeat this twice weekly for medium coated breeds and daily for long coated breeds.

Size: 190mm – medium to large breeds or medium to long coated breeds


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