4-in-1 Pet Hygine Spray

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4-in-1 Repellent / Odour Neutraliser / Sanitiser / Cleaner is a 100% chemical-free spray, made from natural plant oil of eucalyptus.

  • Repellent – Discourages animals from toileting or cats from spraying in areas applied. Can use on rubbish bags to stop dog or cats scratching and clawing the bags. Great training aid without electric shock or chemicals.
  • Odour Neutraliser – Encapsulates odour molecules on contact, including smoke, kitchen smells, urine odour. Eliminates pet odour. 4-in-1 works on any smells including styrene odours.
  • Sanitiser/disinfectant – Kills Ecoli and most other germs and bacteria. Safe to sanitise hands.
  • Cleaner – Clean-up nasty left behind by animals on hard floors, benches etc.

Imagine your pet has an accident and toilets on the floor. You clean it up, kill the germs, eliminate the odours and sanitise your hands all at the same time. It’s magic.

Use caution if applied to fabrics that often stain when liquids are applied. If in doubt, test on a piece of fabric not on view.

Suitable for dogs and cats. All natural ingredients.

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Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 500 cm


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