Sizing Guide

Looking for a new coat for your dog?

Be sure to measure your dog correctly to ensure you select the correct size you will need the length and torso measurements.

Dog Coat Sizing Guide


To measure the length start at the withers which is at the base of the dogs neck and measure to his tail as per the pink arrows on the diagram.


To measure the torso simply measure around the girth of your dog just behind his front legs as demonstrated by the green arrow on the diagram.

Approx. Collar Sizes

Please measure loosely around the neck of your dog to gain the correct collar size, below sizes are only a guide.

Typical Breed Neck (cm) Typical Breed Neck (cm)
Afghan 40-55cm Great Dane 50-65cm
Airedale 40-55cm Great Pyrenees 60-75cm
Basset Hound 40-55cm Greyhound 35-45cm
Beagle 30-45cm Jack Russell 25-35cm
Bischon Frise 35-45cm Labrador 45-60cm
Bloodhound 55-70cm Lhasa Apso 30-40cm
Border Collie 35-45cm Maltese 25-35cm
Boston Terrier 30-45cm Papillon 20-30cm
Boxer 40-55cm Pekingese 30-40cm
Bulldog English 45-60cm Pit Bull 35-45cm
Bulldog French 30-40cm Poodle Mini 25-40cm
Bull Terrier 30-45cm Poodle Standard 30-45cm
Cairn Terrier 25-40cm Poodle Toy 20-35cm
Chihuahua 20-35cm Pug 30-40cm
Chinese Crested 20-30cm Rottweilier 60-75cm
Chow 45-60cm St. Bernard 65-80cm
Cocker Spaniel 30-45cm Schnauzer Giant 50-65cm
Collie 45-55cm Schnauzer Standard 35-50cm
Corgi 35-40cm Schnauzer Mini 25-40cm
Dachshund 40-50cm Scottish Terrier 35-50cm
Dachshund Miniature 20-45cm Shar Pei 40-50cm
Dalmation 35-50cm Shih T Zu 25-35cm
Doberman 45-60cm Springer Spaniel 35-45cm
Fox Terrier 25-40cm Saffordshire Terrier 35-50cm
German Shepherd 45-60cm Weimaraner 40-55cm
Golden Retriever 40-60cm Yorkshire Terrier 15-30cm

Approx. Harness?Sizes

Please measure loosely around the chest?of your dog to gain the correct harness?size, below sizes are only a guide.

Dog Size Chest Size Typical Breed
TOY 42-50cm Chihuahua, Mini Dachshund
XXS 48-55cm Shih Tzu, Jack Russell
XS 52-60cm Westie, Mini Schnauzer
S 58-70cm Beagle, Spaniel
M 64-80cm Collie, Brittany
L 70-90cm Labrador, Retriever
XL 74-100cm GSD, Rottweiler
XXL 84-120cm Great Dane, Newfoundland