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Your hamster will just love scurrying back and forth from the shelf to the bottom of the cage through the brilliant side tubing on this Rotastak Genus 200 Hamster Cage. There are so many activities for your furry friend to choose from ? super stealth mode along the side tube, shooting down the corner tube, climbing into the exercise wheel and running like crazy and daredevil hanging antics from the wire rungs. Oh yes, it is all go in the day of an active hamster! Racing around from here to there and having a good old chew on anything that looks remotely chewable ? of course, the tubing and corner tube have anti-gnaw rings for this very purpose! Then there is the stashing of goodies in the bedding ? that takes quite a few pouch-stuffed trips from the food dish up to the house. So nice to snooze away and then momentarily wake up for a quick a nosh at bedtime!

The Rotastak Genus 200 Hamster Cage comes complete with:
Corner climbing tube
Side tubing
Water bottle
Food dish
Exercise wheel.
All you need for a happy hamster. Apart from the food, bedding and water ? don’t forget those!
Corner tube and tubing has anti-gnaw rings both ends and ribbed inside surface for easy-grip plus ventilation holes
Twist-lock action locates and secures bottle holder and wheel
Easy to clean
Suitable for Syrian hamsters and gerbils
8mm gaps

Size: 51 x 46 x 30cm high

Colour: Orange

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 51 × 46 × 30 cm


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